Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hello? Is Anyone Out There?

I love saying that!!

Ok, so here is what I ended up eating for the rest of the day: Lg. Pear (2), Broccoli (0), Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich (10, I added a little extra of both to eat up some points), and an Ice Cream Bar (0)! That's right, I said Z E R O! If you have a Schwan's driver in your area, I recommend signing up if you haven't already! I eat the 'LiveSmart Rainbow Bars' for 0 points. It's a mixture of Lemon and Lime Sherbet....but in a good way! Also, you can go onto their website and look up the Nutrional Value and thus figure out the points. It's awesome! I ended the day with 2 points left to use, but couldn't eat anymore!
Today, I have already drank 4 glasses of water, but then I didn't eat breakfast until about 11 a.m. and I ate 2 eggs (4), 2 pieces of toast (4 with Smart Balance), a glass of milk (2) and 2 hasbrowns (6). So, I have 15 points to use and nothing to eat here at work. I can always go raid the in-laws fridge after work....... We'll see what happens.
Well, I suppose I should get some work done.....nah!!! LOL
Have a Great Day Everyone!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another Day . . . . .

So, yesterday wasn't too bad. I ended up finishing the day eating a pear (1), Glass of Milk (2), 1/2 of a Peanut Butter/Jelly Sandwich (4) and a ham and cheese sandwich (6). Of course, this left me with a surplus of 7 points, but God's honest truth, I couldn't eat anymore!!!! Is it a bad thing if I really don't eat all of my points?
OH, I wanted to share some shortcuts that I've found, you probably already know them, but let me have my 2 seconds of glory, please?! LOL Molly McButter has become my BEST friend! I have always been an extreme butter lover, (I ate a WHOLE stick when I was about 4), and so I tried Butter Buds first, they are cheaper, and GROSS! I now use Molly McButter on pretty much everything, except toast! Also, my husband had stopped at the grocery store to buy me some WW bread, but found something else instead! It's called Pepperidge Farm Light Style 7 grain bread! Three pieces of this bread only equals 2 WW pts!!!!! When I eat 2 pieces though, I count it as 2 pts, is that ok?
Well, the temp is in the 90's and we don't have A/C here at FedEx and I am dying! It's hard to concentrate on my work! I just want to go home! Oh well, soon enough!
So far today I've had a glass of milk (3), some pasta w/Sauce (5) and a Roast Beef Sandwich (9)! Still have 14 pts for the day, but I don't know if I will eat them as it is so hot! Maybe I'll drink them, instead! ;)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Weight Loss Ticker!!


First of all, thank you to each of you for commenting on my blog! I really appreciate the support!

Second, I WAS doing good yesterday! I am allowed 31 pts for the day and by the time I got home from work, I had 18 pts. to use! So, I made a small steak, some veggies and I won't tell you what else, but I went OVER by 3 pts!!! I was so MAD! But, we all learn from our mistakes, I hope! :)

Well, so far today, I have had two cups of coffee w/ 1/2 & 1/2 and artificial sweetener (4pts. 'cuz of the 1/2 & 1/2) and a WW SmartOnes Salisbury Steak and Mac n' Cheese for 5 pts. Total point use=9.
I will try and write down every day what I eat on here to make myself more accountable for what I am doing. I stopped putting salt on everything to make me drink my water intake! At the moment, I don't have high blood pressure, so let's keep it that way! I try to drink my water, daily, but it doesn't always happen!

Anyone have any idea's for a picnic? Am I going to be able to eat anything? We're having hot dogs, cheeseburgers, marinated chicken, vegetable kabobs, macaroni and potato salad, watermelon, corn on the cob, baked beans. I think that's it. HELP ME PLEASE! Otherwise, when I get there, I'll eat more than I should!

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Official Starting Over Weight

I guess, in all fairness to myself, I need to write down what my new starting weight is. It's a whopping 252.7 lbs.!!!

I have been asked to be a bridesmad in September and my goal weight for that is 230 lbs.!

Can I do it, I know I can!

Ok, I have to get back to work before I get busted! LOL

Starting Over, Again!

Well, once again, I have started over doing my Weight Watchers! I am so disappointed in myself! I need to stop telling myself it's ok to cheat, because it isn't! I have to be conscience of everything I eat and take my food journal with me every where I go!
I only lost 1/10 of a pound last week! :(
Oh well, as Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables said, "Every day is a new day without any mistakes!"
I hope the other site gets up and running soon! I liked it much better!

I also hope this damn site will let me back into it! UGH! Sometimes technology sucks!