Friday, November 2, 2007

Hey Everyone!!

Ok, I WILL be back officially on Monday. I did a weigh-in of sorts last week, and I had gained 6.7 pounds from the last time I had been on, which was about a month. So, not bad, but definitely should have been better! The reason I didn't get back on sooner, is, money has been a little tight and didn't have the money or the 'right' food. I was still trying, but not like I should have been! I am going to the grocery store tomorrow, it's about an hour away, (the prices are SO much cheaper than up here!) and will be back in full swing as of Monday. I am completely starting over, as in week 1 and so on.
Money is still tight, but we figured it out. Halloween morning, my husband and I were literally hit by a deer. She caused $2400.00 worth of damage and we have a $500.00 deductible!! But, we returned a washing machine we were supposed to pick up at Home Depot and had most of it from that! Thank God! We didn't want to return the washing machine, but, since I do have one that works right now, my car is definitely more important!
I hope you are all well, and pressing on! I will sit down and read your blogs very soon! My hours at Home Depot have been cut in half since I am a part-timer and I have more time! :)
Looking forward to reading about you all again! Take care, and until Monday!!


swizzlepop said...

Glad to see you back. Are you and your husband okay? I've heard deers can do some major damage. Is the deer okay or do they not survive?
Sounds like things are starting to look up, I hope they continue to get better and that your stress goes down so that you can focus on getting and staying OP.

I had to make my blog private but would love to add you as a reader. Email me (email in profile) and I will add you.
Have a great weekend and a great start on Monday!

Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

Tag you're it!!!! Check out my last post!!


x8bmarblesue said...

Swizzle- I tried to get onto your profile, I must be doing it wrong! Here is my email address, please add me!

Talk to ya soon! And congrats on being a size 6 again!!!!

x8bmarblesue said...

Swizzle- The deer died. She was 130 pounds or so. Hubby and I were fine....I was just shook up..then had to go to work and try and concentrate! YEAH, NOT! I messed up, but oh well, they'll get over it! :)