Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yes, I CAN do it!!

Just about the end of week 3 and I feel pretty good! I have been counting EVERYTHING and making sure I don't go over in points! I even received 3 activity points for the week! I bought a DVD for my Gazelle and have been doing that! I need to do it every other day but I just can't seem to get on it like I should. One more thing to work on, is all.
My hubby has been very sick since the end of February and I'm getting worried. The dr. sent him for a chest x-ray yesterday and we go back to the dr. on Thursday. He can't seem to shake this cough he has now!
I bought some whole wheat pita and some hummus and taboulli (sp) and when I eat half the pita and 2 TBSP each of the hummus and taboulli, it's only 2 points! I love it! I recommend it!
Oh, FiberOne bars are my favorite too! It's only 2 points for the Oats & Caramel one! WOO HOO! I'm getting the hang of this, slowly but surely!

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Colette said...

Ok Sue where are you? Let us know your still alive...even if you did fall off the wagon.
Love ya,