Friday, June 27, 2008

Ummm, yeah

Yup, I fell off the wagon, just as Collette thought! LOL BUT, i've been climbing back on and trying to stay on track! It's so hard in the summer, too many cookouts! LOL

I bought the Hungry Girl cookbook, and have yet to make something. I get up at about 5 am and don't get back home until 8 pm! I'm too damn tired to cook at that point!

Going to Loudon, NH for the NASCAR race Sunday to see Denny Hamlin hopefully WIN! He's so cute! Ahhh, yum-o! My hubby tells me he's living with a 16 yr. old!

He is doing MUCH better! The Doc thinks it was some virus left over from the flu! Flu shots for BOTH of us next year! UH HUH!

Well, I hope this finds all who read it to be healthy and happy!

Love ya girls!


Colette said...

*Colette sneaks in and screams "#48 RULES!!" Wish I was going with ya to that race. It should be awesome!! LOL....
I hear ya about the working 2 jobs. That's hard too. Best you can do is plan, plan, and plan some more! I try to cook a couple dishes on Sunday and look for quick recipes I make when I get home and I ALWAYS bring my lunch to work!
As for climbing back on... I have so been with you on that one. I think I have feel off the wagon so much I got brain damage! LMAO...
Glad you and your hubby are doing better health wise and yes young lady get those FLU shots next time!!

x8bmarblesue said...

Thanks!! Yeah, the race was AWESOME! I met Denny Hamlin #11! He is so handsome!! WOW! I am so discombobulated from meeting him still! I mean, he signed my hat and spoke to me, but I didn't like touch him or anything! :)