Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Will I Ever Learn?

Well, when will it sink in that I am not perfect? That I am not invincible? That in order to lose weight, I need to put forth some kind of effort?
It will take some more time, but at least before I eat something I think about it. I know, that's not exactly what I should do, but, it IS a start!
The meals seem to be helping, if I eat them everyday and try to incorporate fresh fruits and veggies at some point! :)
I recently made a new friend through InfieldParking.com and she has been a godsend! She tries to make me see me for who I am right now, not what I want to be in the future! I'm glad she has come into my life! She is now my bestest friend in the whole world! Yup, we kinda had our first fight last night, but, I'm sure it'll the first of many! What's a journey of friendship without a few potholes along the way, right?
I hope to meet her in person at some point, but until then, Fairpoint Communications is going to LOVE my long distance calls everyday! HaHa
Well, I hope everyone is doing well, and are healthy and living life to its fullest. Until next time, this is Drea, saying good night!

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Colette said...

Hey I love the new pic on your blog...very nice!! I am so glad you have found a friend and bonded so well. It will definately make your journey so much easier!!