Monday, September 22, 2008

Ok, I'm going to succeed this time!

Well, I signed up for Weight Watchers Online, once again. My first goal is to stay within my daily allotment and NOT to use my flex points. Day one, I have accomplished this goal. Of course, a sandwich that I thought was good for me, turned out to be 13 points! My goodness, it should be illegal to have sandwiches that high in points!
My second goal, is to get at least 3 activity points a week. I got one tonight. I got on my Gazelle and 'walked' for 15 minutes. The doctor wanted me to start with 10 a day, but nope, I gotta push myself. Of course I accomplish this goal because I turn on the TV and watch something I like! Most of the time I do not notice the time passing.
My third goal, is to become more positive regarding my weight loss. It stated on the website to keep it in a positive light, like my heading. Not to say things like, I can't weight to not be heavy anymore. That's negative. I look forward to being healthy! ( That's more like it! )

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