Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Better Today!

Well, I am in a much better mood today and have a more positive outlook on my weight loss, today at least! I spent 20 minutes on my Gazelle today! I am so PROUD of myself! The digital thing is dead as I need batteries so I just watched TV for awhile and refused to look at the time for quite a while! When I finally looked at it, I had been on for 15 min. and made myself stay on longer! But, because I looked at all, it made the time go slower afterward. Gotta figure out something different for next time!
I went over my daily points by 8 last night! :( Was doing very well, had one point left and then my husband asked if I wanted half of his French Bread Pizza! I should have said NO! UGH! Oh well, must remember to take those off of my flex points!
40 more days until vacation! Thank god the beer I drink is only 1 point! LOL Must try harder to keep track this time!


Swizzlepop said...

Great job on the machine. The time does go faster when you watch it but I can't help but watch LOL.

Colette said...

I hear ya on the beer!!!
aI just wish there was NO POINTS in Vodka and OJ!!!

x8bmarblesue said...


Or in Frozen Mudslides, Long Island Ice Tea's, ummm, Tequila Sunrise, margarita's.....the list is endless! LOL That's why I guess I have to stick with beer! :(